The Award Winning Warren Band & Color Guard  Downey, California!

The Warren Band & Color Guard is an award winning performing arts organization that consistently strives for excellence through daily skill development, character growth and meaningful performances.


The Warren Band & Color Guard aims to be on the cutting edge of the marching arts, consistently setting the highest standard and seeking recognition as one of the Southern California's hardest working scholastic programs.



The Warren Band & Color Guard proudly supports, honors and encouarges the six pillars of Character: Caring, Trustworthiness, Respect, Citizenship, Responsiblity, Fairness.


Within those traits we emphasize specific traits:
Dedication, passion, commitment,integrity, upholding our rules/procedures, loyalty, cooperation, self discipline, dependable, do what you say, good sportsmanship.

Volunteer Donation

Your generous donation will be used to cover any expenses incurred in preparing for this event.

Donation Levels


Congrats Mr. Niemeyer ~ Downey Unified LACOE teacher of the year.

On Friday September 21st Mr. Niemeyer was bestowed the honor of Downey Unified Teacher of the year through the Los Angeles County Office of Education. Downey Unified has expressed their heartfelt gratitude for all the hard work, persistence and excellence Mr. Niemeyer has consistently brought to Warren HS and the DUSD day and day out the past 15 years. For Mr. Niemeyer this is an honor that is not taken lightly and is humbled that his peers and administrators are willing to recoginize him with such outstanding recognition. 

Upcoming Events!


Annual Parent Preview ~

Reminder this event is on Friday September 28th at 6pm. Student call time is 5pm. 

***We are requesting that all families please bring their concession donations on Friday September 28th or any time before that date*** The donation letters went home Thursday 9.14. If you have not seen this letter, please ask your son/daughter to give it to you.


First Competition ~

Saturday September 29th @ West HS in Torrance. We perform at 7:45pm. Call time will be around 2pm. Detailed itinerary is posted below.


Annual Pictures ~

Tuesday October 2nd @ 3pm at Warren. Order forms coming home Monday 9/24. Please also 


October Booster Meeting ~

Tuesday 9/25....please plan on attending this meeting!


Costumes ~

Now that we are wearing costumes, we need to ensure that all members take care of them.

1. Costumes cannot be washed in a washing machine

2. Costumes cannot be dried in a dryer

3. Costumes cannot be dry cleaned

4. To wash, you must hand wash with mild dish soap

5. To dry, you must put on thick plastic hanger and allow to air dry

6. Doederant will ruin the fabric, students need to wear short or long sleeve compression attire under costume and wear clear gel deoderant.

7. Frebreeze is ok to use on costume. 

8. Students need to keep their costumes in their duffle bags, not their lockers or uniform bags.

8th Annual Warren Field Tournament

Saturday October 6th 2018 

8141 De Palma St. Downey CA 90241

The Warren FT is only three weeks away. We want to make sure all patrons and schools are well informed, so we will be posting all pertinent information regarding the tournament here as details are confirmed. 


Line Up: First band starts at 3pm. See Line Up Below.

Parking: is free. First come, first serve. 

Admission: $10 cash only (children 5 and under free)

Program Book: $5 cash only

Concessions Menu: Coming Soon!

Vendor Info: Coming Soon!


New this year! We are changing up parking! Patrons will now park in our main parking lot which is on the corner of De Palma and Paramount Blvd. (this is where participating bands used to park) This will give patrons more parking access on campus, an efficient and easy locatable parking area located right on Paramount Blvd and a short walk to the ticket window/stadium. Participating schools will park in the new parking lot behind Warren on the corner of Manatee and Gurley. This summer our rear parking lot was completely renovated with lights, new ashpalt and gates. Parking in the rear of the school will logistically help particpating schools have a shorter walk to restrooms, warm up area's, to and from the field and keep students and spectactors on seperate sides of the campus.


Please download the following PDF's

Directions to Warren HS
Directions to Warren HS.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [53.2 KB]
Directions to Bus and Trailer Parking Lot
Directions to back parking lot.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [878.5 KB]
Map of Warren HS Campus
Warren FT Map of School 2018 rev.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [789.7 KB]
Map of Warren HS Stadium
Warren FT Map of Stadium 2018 rev.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [414.9 KB]
Performance Line Up
Warren FT Line Up 2018 rev.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [550.8 KB]

Seating Placment Exams

Wind Ensemble & Concert Band

Starting Wed. September 19th all students in wind ensemble and concert band will take a seating placement exam. This exam will be graded by their section coach. Horn and Double reeds will be graded by Mr. Niemeyer.

Students were given a hard copy of the exam to practice and have received coaching on it as well. The exam grade will be entered into Zangle for a letter grade and the results will determine what order they sit in their sections. For some section that will determine who plays 1st, 2nd, 3rd chair music. For other sections it will determine who gets to play solo's. For the remainder of the year students can challenge up their section if they wish to sit in a higher chair placement. If students have lost the music, it is available on the members only page.



  1. The rubric is a 1-5 system (1 being poor and 5 being superior). A .5  may be used as well to help rank students with more accuracy.
  2. All content area’s: tone, musicianship, articulation, rhythm/pulse, accuracy, etc. will be assessed on all three area's of the exam. For example while playing the major scale is your tone vibrant and resonant? Is your rhythm innacurate. Is your pitch accurate/ intonation distorted? etc.


  • Wednesday September 26th: Trumpets, Trombones, Horns, Tubas, Double Reeds, Horns

First Marching Band Color Guard Competition

Saturday September 29th ~ West HS, Torrance

The time has come to start taking our show on the road. We have seven competitions this Fall, the first of which is the South Bay Invitational held on the campus of West High School in Torrance, CA. We still need a few more volunteers. You can sign up in charms or email Mr. Niemeyer.  Below is a detailed itinerary for the day. However, here are also some notes for success


Successful Day!

1. We do not feed students. We only provide a snack. Students will need at least $10 with them to buy food at the concession stand or they will need to bring a sack dinner. 

2. Students are required to wear the prescribed attire and bring the prescribed materials with them. If they are not properly prepared they will not perform and will fofeit all the points earned for performing at this event. 

3. Students need to be on time or they will loose points for being tardy. 

4. Call time is 2pm for percussion/leaderhip and 3pm for everyone else. I suggest not arriving too early. Take the time to stay home, rest, eat, do homeworkd, complete chores, etc. before arriving. Sitting around at Warren HS for hours before call time is not going to help students be successful.

5. Parents, come support the studetns. If you are not planning on volunteering, we hope to still see you in the stands cheering the students on.

6. Air horns and other loud devices are inappropriate at these type of events. Please leave your air horns, cowbells, etc. at home. Your enthusiastic applause is appropriate and welcomed. 


West HS Field Tournament Itinerary
West Field Tournament.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [536.7 KB]

Disneyland Performance Set!

Friday January 18th 2019

We just received word that the Warren Marching Band & Color Guard has been accepted to be part of the Disneyland Community Arts Showcase. We will perform a parade routine through Disneyland. The date is set for Friday January 18th 2019. This is a school day and students will be missing school. We will plan to stay almost the entire day. Time of performance will be set about 3 weeks prior to going. 


Next Step

1. Chaperones - we will be taking appx. 8-10 Chaperones and 1 trailer driver. These parents will get into the park free with the students but must ride the bus with the students and must also go back stage to assist with the students.

2. Discounted Tickets - Disneyland offers discounted tickets to our families/friends. We will be getting a ticket order form together shortly.

Annual Parent Preview Performance

Friday September 28th @ 6pm (FREE to attend)

The 2018 Marching Band & Color Guard will present their 2018 field show, "Reverie" to any and all who would like to attend. This year's field show is another amazing original design that is sure to impress and entertain. The marching band and color guard are working harder than ever as the level and depth of design continues to rise and challenge the members. The show title, Reverie is french for day dream. This years show uses melodies from the famous song "Sweet Dreams" to help tie together the theme of the show. The band will once again be in costume rather than uniform. This year we have also entered into a new relationship with drill and choreo designer James Gow. James comes highly recommend to us. A former Blue Devil, James continues to be current in DCI work with the Blue Devils and Blue Knights. 2018 also marks the first year we are using props that actually move throughout the show. These props are 7 large stair cases that members perform on and move to change the texture and landscape of the field throughout the show. Come see what the 2018 edition of the Warren marching band looks and sounds like. We look forwar to seeing you there.


Jimmy John's will have a table set up at the event selling sandwiches. 

Parent Swag

Be part of our crew...wear blue!

Starting Friday August 24th we will have custom parent gear avaiable for purchase. Show your pride at football games, competitions and other events.

T-Shirt: $15 (Add $3 for XXL or XXXL)

Polo: $TBD

Hoodie: $25

Jacket: $TBD

Hat: $20

Blanket: $25


Printable/Downloadable Calendars

If you would like to print or download calendars, please visit the "downloads" page.

Sheet Music & More!

Access warm ups, field show music, audio file of field show and more on the members only page. This page is password protected. Need the password? Email Mr. Niemeyer, Mrs. White or any section leader!


8th Annual Warren Field Tournament October 6th

Committee Chairs: Mercy White

Buyout: $150 due October 1st 


2018 marks the 8th consecutive year the Warren HS band boosters will host a marching band tournament. This is an amazing day full of much excitement and yes, hard work. We need every parent and student on board to make this an amazing day for all the participating schools. There will be upcoming meetings in August and September to help prepare parents for all the work we will take on to ensure the success of this event. Most parents will help by volunteering their time and labor in many areas which include: concessions, security, parking, ticket sales, hospitality room, campus cleanliness and of course set up and tear down.


What do students do?

1. Collect $50 in ads/sponsor donations that will be printed in our tournament program. Deadline to turn in ads is September 15th. Ad packets were passed out at the July 31st booster meeting and on August 1st to all students during SPA. 

2. Help set up morning of event and help clean up after the event.

3. Perform in exhibition (yes we perform, but we do not compete)

4. Donate 1 conession item (a letter will come home in September identfying what each student will be asked to donate)

What do parents do?
1. They work 8 hours! If you can't work 8 hours, then you divide up your shift and have several adults fill in and help out.
*Note, you can divide up the 8 hours among multiple adults. For example - Mom can work 4 hours, Dad can work 4 hours.
2. Please sign up to volunteer through charms. Simply visit the charms calendar and click the hand that is on the date of this event. Or log into your charms account and click on the volunteer symbol.

Committee Chairs:
Concessions: set a menu, obtain all items to be sold, run the concession stand. (TBD)

Logistics: bus and spectator parking, school hosts, lanyards (Ricardo Romero)

Security: all things that deal with keeping patrons safe (Juan Aguilar)

Facilities: all things that deal with keeping our campus clean (TBD)

Hospitality: food for judges and participating school staff (TBD)

Finance: ticket sales (TBD)

Volunteers: coordinating volunteers for the day (TBD)

Marketing: program design/sales, awards/trophies (TBD)


Fireworks Booth

July 1,2,3,4 2019

10am-10pm each day

8am-8pm - July 4th 

@ Walmart Parking Lot

Downey Promenade

Decal Drive

August 13,14,15 2018

5-8pm each night

Starts & Ends at Bandroom


8th Annual Field Tournament

October 6, 2018


@ Warren HS

Holiday Caroling

Nov 30 Dec 1,7,8 2018

5-8pm each night

Starts & ends at Bandroom

4th Annual Flap Jacks and Jazz

May 4, 2019


@ Warren HS Bear Alley

WGASC Competition

March 17, 2019

All Day

@ Warren HS Gym

Annual Concerts!

Winter Concert

December 10th and 12th 2018

@ Downey Civic Theatre

7pm ~ $7 general admission


Spring Concert

April 30, 2019

@ Downey Civic Theatre

7pm - $7 general admission

Jazz Band Spring Concert

May 4, 2019

@ Warren HS Bear Alley

$5.00 (gets you breakfast as well)

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