The Award Winning Warren Band & Color Guard  Downey, California!

The Warren Band & Color Guard is an award winning performing arts organization that consistently strives for excellence through daily skill development, character growth and meaningful performances.


The Warren Band & Color Guard aims to be on the cutting edge of the marching arts, consistently setting the highest standard and seeking recognition as one of the Southern California's hardest working scholastic programs.



The Warren Band & Color Guard proudly supports, honors and encouarges the six pillars of Character: Caring, Trustworthiness, Respect, Citizenship, Responsiblity, Fairness.


Within those traits we emphasize specific traits:
Dedication, passion, commitment,integrity, upholding our rules/procedures, loyalty, cooperation, self discipline, dependable, do what you say, good sportsmanship.

Volunteer Donation

Your generous donation will be used to cover any expenses incurred in preparing for this event.

Donation Levels



Our first major fundraiser is approaching and we need all families to help us make this the best year ever! We need volunteers to work at our fireworks stand selling and providing security. Anyone over the age of 18 can work...this includes alumni, parents, family members, friends, neighbors...anyone. It does not have to be mom and dad! All you have to do is click the links below to sign up! See you soon!




Summer Performance Academy #1 will be here shortly! It will be the first rehearsals of the 2018-2019 school year. To start our year off we are combining with Downey HS and other middle school band students to promote the Downey Unified All District Band. Here are some tips for success.



1:30-3:30pm - music rehearsal

3:30-4:00pm - break

4:00-6:00pm - Visual and Music Rehearsal


Being Prepared

1. Water is critical, bring a large jug of water every day!

2. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a large straw hat are essential to helping make time in the sun safe.

3. Have your instrument and all supplies ready to go. (supplies include reeds, oil, etc.)

4. Wear the appropriate rehearsal attire: plain black shorts/leggings and grey band shirt.

5. Wind and percussion students need a white 1inch three ring binder. 


Being Successful

1. To be early is to be ontime. Roll starts at 1:20pm, not 1:30pm.

2. Be informed. Know what we are doing and how you will contribute to the overall picture. 


Percussion and Guard ~ all percussion and guard are expected to be at all SPA 1 practices regardless of their grade level. 

Registration B

Thank you to all the students and families for completeing Registration A. This is reminder that registration B will be here soon and is the next opportunity to work towards ensuring we have a great year! All aspects of regarding registrations were explained in detail at the Orientation Meetings. If you are unsure about what is expected, please review the orientation forms or call/email Mr. Niemeyer or Mrs. White. 

DCI @ Rose Bowl - Saturday June 30th 3pm-11pm

On Saturday Jnne 30th all Warren band and color guard students that are part of the marching band will be given an amazing experience when they travel together to Pasadena to watch some of the best Drum Corps compete in the historic Rose Bowl. When we did this activity in 2017, the students had a blast and were inspired by the artistry and power of Drum Corps...2018 will be no different! Drum Corps is the major league of the marching arts. I like to describe DCI as professional maraching bands. One major difference is there is no woodwinds in drum corps, only brass, percussion and color guard. Drum Corps are independent performing arts organizations that audition young musicians (ages 13-21) to be part of their ensemble each year. The typical size of a drum corps is appx. 120 members. Drum Corps is primarlily a summer activity with competitions taking place from June-August.


To learn more about drum corps visit: 

Parents - I need 10 chaperones. There are 4 spots left. Chaperones must ride the bus to and from the event and will be given free admission.


Physical Exam Reminder!

All students participating in marching band/color guard are required to complete a physical exam every year. Here are the rules

1. You can complete your physical exam here at Warren HS on Monday June 4th from 11am-1pm for $20 cash. Please bring the forms with you that are below.

2. If you do not complete your physical at Warren on June 4th, you must complete it between July 1st and July 22nd. Physicals taken prior to July 1st will not be accpeted. Only physicals taken after July 1st will be accepted!

3. Once you complete the physical exam, turn in your physical to Mr. Niemeyer or Mrs. White. 

4. Go to the website: and complete the online process.

Physical Exam Paper Work to be completed by physicians and returned to Mr. Niemeyer or Mrs. White by July 22nd.
PDF File [326.3 KB]

Printable/Downloadable Calendars

If you would like to print or download calendars, please visit the "downloads" page.

Sheet Music & More!

Access warm ups, field show music, audio file of field show and more on the members only page. This page is password protected. Need the password? Email Mr. Niemeyer, Mrs. White or any section leader!



For past three decades the Warren band boosters have been the proud sponsors of one of 17 fireworks stands in the city of Downey.  We are fortunate and thankful that we continue to receive this opporunity.  The funds raised during this event help us have a successful marching band season year after year.





Committee Chairs: Ruben and Cheryl Juarez

Buyout: $150 due by July 1st 
*If you buyout you do not have to sell coupons or work at the booth. You are completely excused from this fundraiser!

*If families prepay for their coupon packet, the parents will be exempt from volunteering at the booth.


What do students do?
1. Sell a minmum of 10 persale coupons. (each coupon is worth $10 which equals $100)

2. All unsold coupons must be returned on June 29th. If studnet misplaces or looses the coupons, they will have to pay for them. These coupons are just like cash!
3. They help promote the booth by holding signs, playing their instruments in front of the booth. (when not in rehearsal)

4. Students cannot work in the booth unless they are 18 years old.

What do parents do?
1. Help their child sell the presale coupons.
2. Work 2 retail shifts OR 1 overnight security shift OR 1 4th of July Shift (shifts are about 4 hours long each)
3. To sign up to volunteer, please go to the charms calendar and pick a date and time! There are no paper sign ups, just electronic sign ups!
4. If you prepay for all 10 coupons ($100) you will not have to work at the booth. You can still work if you wish.


Fireworks Booth

July 1,2,3,4 2018

Times (TBD)

@ Walmart Parking Lot

Downey Promenade

Decal Drive

August 13,14,15 2018

5-8pm each night

Starts & Ends at Bandroom


8th Annual Field Tournament

October 6, 2018


@ Warren HS

SCSBOA Field Championships

November 17, 2018


@ Warren HS

Holiday Caroling

Nov 30 Dec 1,7,8 2018

5-8pm each night

Starts & ends at Bandroom

4th Annual Flap Jacks and Jazz

April 20, 2019


@ Warren HS Bear Alley

Annual Concerts!

Winter Concert

December 11th and 12th 2018

@ Downey Civic Theatre

7pm ~ $7 general admission


Spring Concert

May 1, 2019

@ Downey Civic Theatre

7pm - $7 general admission

Jazz Band Spring Concert

April 20, 2019

@ Warren HS Bear Alley

$5.00 (gets you breakfast as well)

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