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The Warren Band & Color Guard is an award winning performing arts organization that consistently strives for excellence through daily skill development, character growth and meaningful performances.


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The Warren Band & Color Guard proudly supports, honors and encouarges the six pillars of Character: Caring, Trustworthiness, Respect, Citizenship, Responsiblity, Fairness.


Within those traits we emphasize specific traits:
Dedication, passion, commitment,integrity, upholding our rules/procedures, loyalty, cooperation, self discipline, dependable, do what you say, good sportsmanship.

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What's New?

SPA 1, DCI Show, Parade & Fireworks Booth wrap up!

And just like that, the 2017-18 marching band season is under way...and what a bang we started with! Students and staff navigated their way through three days of rehearsals, attended a terrific DCI contest at the Rose Bowl and performed in their first ever 4th of July parade. All along the while many parents and friends were busy hosting our annual fireworks stand in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, Downey Promenade!


After the 2nd of the 3 rehearsals the band and color guard attended the DCI contest at the Rose Bowl. It was a great night with many inpiring performances. Students walked away with an experience that will shape their futures! 


On July 4th appx. 155 students, 8 staff and 10 parents paraded through downtown Pacific Palisades as a new entry to the "PAPA" parade. For any of our parents or friends who made it out, I hope you will agree with me that the WHS band & color guard was warmly greeted and appreciated. The band & guard was the largest performing ensemble in the parade and from the reaction of the audience also a very impressive entry in the parade. If you did not get a chance to see the parade, a youtube video is below for your viewing pleasure. Thank you to the students and their families for giving up time on this Holiday to share your skill and help make the 4th of July special for many more people. Thank you also to the staff for helping the students get performance ready in 3 short days! Thank you to the parents and alumni who came along to help out, hydrate students and provide support. A HUGE thank you to Julie Jaeckles, Blanca Cueves, Elena Reyes, Sandy Bram for helping purchase/prepare and execute a terrific meal post parade at the fireworks booth! Apologies to any families that hoped to hear the band play at the fireworks stand as planned. It was deteremined that we wouldn't play at the booth when we returned because we were an hour late getting home due to heavy traffic leaving the parade. 


As band and guard members concluded SPA 1 a group of highly dedicated parents was left behind warpping up four days of firworks sales in a flury. Thank you to every family who completed their portion of this fundraiser by coming out to the fireworks stand and either selling or providing security. Without your help we could not complete this amazing fundraiser that is so critically important to our success as a band and guard program. A most hearty and SUPER HUGE thank you to the parents who served as the leadership team for the booth: Ruben & Cheryl Juarez, Letty Garcia, Sandy Bram, George & Carmen Plascencia, Victor Castillo, Robert Contreras. Another huge thank you to Mercy White and Luara Diaz for all their behind the scene work! If anyone is left off of this list of thank yous, I apologize. The booster executives are working on reconciling final numbers but it looks very promising to possibly be a record setting year in sales! A detrailed recap will be presented at our first booster meeting on Tuesday August 1st 7pm in the WHS band room!


THANK YOU EVERYONE! We are offf to a tremendous start - in so many ways, the best start ever! So what's next? Read below!


July Practices! (Guard Tu/Th 1:30-5:30) (Winds Percussion Thursdays 1:30-8:30)

The band & color guard will resume practicing in July. During these practices the staff will continue to implement a strong fundamental basics package and the 2017 field show music will be handed out to students to begin learning and memorizing. Guard will begin learning choreography while winds and percussion begin bringing the original & arranged composition "Wonderful World" to life. 

Typical Guard Schedule:
1:30pm Roll and Stretching

2:00pm Basics

3:30pm Choreography

5:15pm Final Annoucements - students released to go home


Typical Wind & Percussion Schedule:

1:30pm Roll and Musical Warm Up

2:00pm Sectionals

3:00pm Large Section Ensembles

4:00pm Full Ensemble

4:30pm Dinner Break (dinner is not provided - students bring sack dinner, go home or money to eat off campus)

5:30pm Stretch and Physical Training

6:00pm Visual Basics Block

7:15pm Playing and moving at the same time

8:15pm Final Announcements - students released to go home


Registration C! Thursday July 27th

At Registration C all money is due for costumes, Summer Contribution, Materials and the meal plan. See downlaods page for the sheet that explains all costs. If you have any questions please contact us ASAP!


Physical Exams Due! Monday July 31st 

All students must complete a yearly physical exam by this date to continue participating with the band and color guard. No exceptions will be accpeted. 


Warren HS Summer Enrollment Verification! Monday July 31st 8:30am

This summer you will receive a packet in the mail with many forms to fill out and turn in at Summer Enrollment Verification. This is basically registration for Warren HS. This is an extremely important part of starting school again. The band and color guard have their very own morning to complete this process together! All students in band and color guard must complete registration on this date and time. If you have questions about this process, please ask now!


SPA 2 & 3! July 31 - August 11th (monday-friday) 1-9pm

All marching band and color guard students must be at all SPA 2/3 rehearsals. During SPA 2/3 we shift into high gear and begin learing drill and putting our 2017 field show "Wonderful World" together from all angles (drill, music, cheography and more!) These practices are so critical to our success that if a student doesn't attend they will become an alternate. All vacations, summer school sessions and summer commitments need to be taken care of prior to this two week camp. 


Typical Daily Schedule:

1pm - Roll & Physical Conditioning

1:30pm - Visual Warm Up/Basics

2:00pm - Drill Learning

3:30pm - Snack Break (snack provided everyday as long as families donate the snacks)

4:00pm - Musical Warm Up

4:30pm - Sectionals

5:15pm - Large Ensembles

5:50pm - Full Ensembles

6:15pm - Dinner (students can purchase a meal plan for $50 and be fed 10 dinners!)

7:00pm - Visual/Musical Warm Up

7:30pm - Full Ensemble on Field

8:45pm - Final Wrap Up - students released to go home


1st Booster Meeting of 2017-18 year - Tuesday August 1st 7pm Band room

There are meetings once a month from August through May where all parents are welcome and encouraged to get involved with helping the band and color guard reach it's highest potential. These meetings are hosted by the WHS music parent assocation and go over key details that pertain to fundraisers and events.The more parents get involved and get informed, the better and easier experience everyone will have! At this first meeting we will be going over the Fireworks Booth reconcilement, the upcoming Decal Drive Fundraiser, Parent Pods, Updates to the Calendar, Fall Trip discussions and so much more! Please make plans to attend this meeting!



This is a SUPER easy fundraiser. All students go out each of the 4 nights. Each night the students travel in groups of 4 at all times accompanied by an adult chaperone. Each group is given a designated map to cover each night. In that designated area students and the chaperone go door to door asking the community to support us. Parents or an Adult representative of the family is asked to simple chapreone 1 of the four nights. Parents that do not have a car or cannot drive, will help in the band room instead of chaperoning. 

TRAVEL in 2017-2018

Albeit that travel is NOT required or intergal to a successful experience in band & color guard, it is many more things. It is motivational, it is rewarding, it is perspective, it is a privilege, it is educational and most imporantly it is an incredible opportunity to build memories that last a lifetime. As a band and color guard at least one of our ensembles has traveled every year for the past 14 years. As the band director, I remember every single trip we have taken. I'm sure the students who were part of those trips also remmber those experiences and cherish the memories created because of them.During the 2017-2018 school year, we have planned 3 trips for students to embark on.


Trip 1: Marching Band & Color Guard 3 day trip to Santa Clarita

Cost: $210 per student (full amount due September 1st - cash, check or credit card)

Dates: November 9,10,11 2017

What: All marching band and color guard students would receive charter bus transportation, 2 nights stay at Hilton Garden Inn, 4 meals and admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Basic Itinerary:

Thursday 11/9 - 2pm leave for Santa Clarita, compete in Valencia HS field tournament that night

Friday 11/10 - Spend all day at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Saturday 11/11 - Exchange rehearsal with West Ranch HS in morning; Moorpark HS field tournament that night. Return home


Trip 2: Winter Guard 3 day trip to Las Vegas

Cost: TBD (probably around $250-$300 per student)

Dates: TBD (most likely March/April 2018)

What: All winter guard studetns would receive charter bus transportation, 2 nights stay at hotel, 4 meals and per diems for other meals, A Las Vegas show or Adventure Dome admission.

Basic Itinerary:

Friday - 8am - depart for Las Vegas, Friday evening dinner and bowling

Saturday - Competition at local high school, group dinner and fun event

Sunday - Return Home


Trip 3: Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Ensembles trip to San Francisco

Cost: TBD (probably around $300-$350 per student)
Dates: March 22,23,24 2018

What: All students will recieve charter bus transportation, 2 nights hotel stay (most likely Embassy Suites), 4 meals and per diems for other meals, Pier experience, Festival Entrance and Fun and a lot more!

Basic Itinerary:

Friday 3/24 - 7am Depart for San Francisco; Dinner and Fun at Pier 39

Saturday 3/25 - Festival for all ensembles at Local High School or College; Fun in Golden Gate Park, Dinner

Sunday 3/26 - Return Home (possible stop at Monterey Bay Aquarium or Hearst Castle)


Fireworks Booth

July 1,2,3,4 2017

Times (TBD)

@ Walmart Parking Lot

Downey Promenade

Decal Drive

August 14,15,16,17 2017

5-8pm each night

Starts & Ends at Bandroom


6th Annual Field Tournament

October 7, 2017

Times (TBD)

@ Warren HS

SCSBOA Field Championships

November 18, 2017

Times (TBD)

@ Warren HS

Holiday Caroling

December 1,2,8,9 2017

5-8pm each night

Starts & ends at Bandroom

DUSD Band Spectuclar & Raffle

February 10th 2018


@ Warren HS Gym

2nd Annual Flap Jacks and Jazz

May 5th 2018


@ Warren HS Quad

Annual Concerts!

Fall Concert

Date and Time TBD


@ Warren HS Gym

Winter Concert

December 5th and 6th

@ Downey Civic Theatre

7pm ~ $7 general admission


DUSD Band Spectacular

February 10th 2018

@ Warren HS Gym

9am-6pm (FREE)

Spring Concert

April 26th 2018

@ Downey Civic Theatre

7pm - $7 general admission

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