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The Warren Band & Color Guard is an award winning performing arts organization that consistently strives for excellence through daily skill development, character growth and meaningful performances.


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The Warren Band & Color Guard proudly supports, honors and encouarges the six pillars of Character: Caring, Trustworthiness, Respect, Citizenship, Responsiblity, Fairness.


Within those traits we emphasize specific traits:
Dedication, passion, commitment,integrity, upholding our rules/procedures, loyalty, cooperation, self discipline, dependable, do what you say, good sportsmanship.

Pertinent Information!


During our annual Summer Performance Academy it has become an annual tradition that students are fed a meal so they do not have to go home or leave campus. As you may or may not be aware this year how this meal gets provided was on hold until we collected the summer camp contribution. At this time, not enough money has been collected to pay for meals for all students so this is what will happen.


Week 1 August 1st-5th: all students will be fed a dinner and funded by the WHS Music Parent Assocaition

Week 1 August 8th-12th: a catering company will provide dinner to any student who purchases the meal plan. This purchase needs to be made by August 1st. The cost is $25 per student for the whole week! Students/Families do not have to purchase the catered meal, they can simply bring a sack dinner or go home for 40 minutes.


If you have any questions, please call or email Mr. Niemeyer or any of the board members.


During our annual Summer Performance Academy it has become an annual tradition that students are fed a snack during the day. There is not budget for snacks and in the past has been donated by students and families. We are hoping to continue this tradition. The more snacks donated, the more fulfilling nutrition students will receive during the hot August days. Please bring your donation to the band room any Thursday evening during July. We need every family to pitch in by donating any of the following:

1. Water

2. Juice (Capri Sun)

3. Granola Bars

4. Fruit

5. Popsicles or Freezies

6. Fruit Snacks

If you can't help purchase snacks, you might consider making a monetary donation of $10-$20 to help us purchase snacks.


Questions regarding SPA Food/Snacks should be directed to Cheryl Juarez 562-688-0608 or


We need your help. During SPA we need parents to help serve and clean up after our snack and dinner breaks. 

Snack is from 3:45-4:15pm.

Dinner is from 6:15-7pm.

During the 1st week we will be serving out of the Warren Cafeteria. During the second week we will be serving out of the concession stand below the band room. Please visit the charms calendar to sign up to Volunteer. 


Questions regarding Volunteering should be directed to Laura Diaz 562-334-7741 or


This will be our 3rd consecutive year wearing a costume rather than our traditional band uniform. It was estimated that the cost would be $70 per student. Unfortunately the cost came back higher than we predicted. Because of this we are asking that each student donate $10 to help pay for the increase in price. Students will be trying on their costumes in July. Below are two pictures of the costume. The reason for the increase in cost is becuase there will be a "magic trick" where students remove part of their costume to reveal a new color during the show. EXAM REMINDER

Every student must complete and turn in their physical exam by August 1st. If not completed, the student will no longer be allowed to practice or participate with us until they have completed the exam. This will jeopardize their spot in the show as well. If you need to get your exam done but your doctor or medical provider doesn't have any open appointments, please call or visit MVP medical. They are here in Downey on Florence Ave. and will make it happen for you. I believe the cost is $25. Here is their info and link to their website.

7800 Florence Ave.

Downey CA, 90240


WARREN BAND to perform National Anthem at Angels Baseball Game

Warren HS along with 9 other high schools have been invited to play the national anthem prior to the start of the Angels vs. Blue Jays MLB baseball game on Saturday September 17th. Here is what we know so far:

1​. Only 60 students will get to participate. A list was created on July 21st and will be finalized on July 28th 

2. Every student that participates has to commit to selling 4 tickets each

3. Tickets are $20 each. Seat location is: Lower View All Star (section 428-429) or (408-409).

4. This will also oparate as a fundraiser, for every ticket we sell we will earn $6 back. So the more we sell, the more funds we raise.

5. Rides to and from the game have yet to be determined, but most likely students will need to provide their own ride to and from.


This fall the marching band is going to travel to Santa Clarita for 3 days and 2 nights. The trip will include 2 marching band competitions, an exchange with West Rand Wildcat Band and a full day of fun at Magic Mountain! 


Student Cost: $200 per student (we are working on trying to lower the price to $175/student)

Chaperone Cost: $180 (accepting 16 chaperones)

Payment/Fundraising Timeline: (fundraisers for this trip will start on August 17th)

  • September 2nd $100 due
  • October 7th $100 due

Trip Dates: November 10, 11, 12

Itinerary: coming soon (attend August 2nd booster meeting to get a copy!)

What's included?: 2 nights Hotel (Hilton Garden Inn), Charter Bus Service, Magic Mountain Entrance, All meals except 1 lunch.

Thank you!

To all the parents and students who helped make this year's booth another success!


Want to know the financial outcome of booth? Come to the August Booster Meeting! 

All students in marching band and color guard must complete a physical exam in order to participate. 


Option 1: Complete with your personal doctor between July 1st and August 1st. Do not complete before that date!


Option 2: Go to MVP medical office in Downey. Let them know you are with the band and they will charge you $20

MBCG = Marching Band & Color Guard


Color Guard July Practices:

July 5,7,12,14,19,21,26,28




July Practices:

July 14,21,28



2016 Decal Drive

 August 15,16,17,18


The decal drive is our second fundraiser of the year. This easy fundraiser is crucial to reaching our financial goal.



1. Go out each night with the same group of 4.

2. Wear your uniforms!

3. Follow the rules!



1. Drive 1 of the 4 nights. If you can't drive, we can use your help in the band room.

2. Encourage the students and help them.

3. Help the students follow the rules.



July 25 - July 31: 

  • July 26th Color Guard Practice 1:30-5:30pm @ Warren
  • July 28th Color Guard Practice 1:30-5:30pm @ Warren
  • July 28th Marching Band Practice 1:30-8:30pm @ Warren (4:40-5:30 dinner break - no food provided)
  • July 28th Optional Materials and SPA Food Money Due!

August 1 - August 7:

  • August 1 - 5 SPA #1 1pm-9pm @ Warren (Dinner will be provided to all studnets!)
  • August 3 Warren HS Verfication/Registration Day 8am-Noon

August 8 - August 14:

  • August 8 - 12 SPA #2 1pm-9pm @ Warren (students will need to purchase the catered dinner option or bring their own meal)

August 15 - August 21:

  • August 15,16,17,18 Decal Drive 5-8pm (starts and ends at Warren HS band room)
  • August 17 School Starts (8am-Noon)

August 22 - August 28:

  • August 22nd - First Monday Morning 0 period (7am-8:30am)
  • August 23rd - First Tuesday Evening Rehearsl (5-8:30pm)
  • August 25th - First Thursday Evening Rehearsal (5-8:30pm)
  • August 26th - Annual Lock In 8pm-6am (WHS Library)

August 29 - September 4:

  • September 2 Football Game vs. 5-9:30pm (All MBCG students mandatory)

September 5 - September 11:

  • September 9 Annual Band and Color Guard Photo's 2:30pm
  • September 9 Football Game vs. 5-9:30pm (All MBCG students mandatory)
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